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Thursday, 3 July 2014

My two weeks work experience at Flo-Jo

Hello everybody!

My name is Cecile and I want to use this entry to tell you about some experiences I had in the Flo-Jo Boutique.
Before I start, I want to give you a short introduction about myself.
I’m a seventeen years old girl from Germany. I come for my last work experience (before I finish school) for one month to England, Bristol. I live with a host family here, near to Flo-Jo’s. My stay in England was organized from the Organisation EPN. For me it’s the first time I am in England. In general one could say that I am absolutely happy in Bristol and also England, it is a really beautiful country with so many interesting things.
My internship was for two weeks located at the Flo-Jo’s Boutique. Today is my last day, so now I want to use the opportunity to give a review during my time at the shop.
The first time I visit the shop I was really positively surprised and delighted. This shop on the Gloucester road is absolutely lovely. On my first day I met Delia, one of the two owners. She introduces me into my work tasks and was very friendly and funny, so I start enjoying my time here. During the next days it was still the same good feeling in the Boutique. I met Erica, the other owner and the atmosphere still was enjoyable and I really start having a great time.

I just can say: If you’re interested in having a good work placement with many new experiences and knowledge, then ask the both owner and do your internship here! The work tasks are varied and because of the lovely atmosphere you will never get bored.
In my time here I had the chance to get an overview of this shop and one shelf was my favorite. 

I have a two years and for months old niece and I watched the shelf and all these cute Do-it-yourself packs we’re perfect for a present for her. It needs a lot time for me to decide for one DIY pack ( I really want to have them all).  I only can recommend these things, I think if you need a present, every child would be happy to have one of this cute packs.  It is always a good and fancy idea! I take an elephant one can fill in and prepare it yourself. The needles are made in plastic, so I can’t wait to make this elephant with my little girl.

All in all, I really want to say, that If you take time you can find the cutest and loveliest things in every corner and it starts being difficult to decide for anything. Also I think, that it is really important as a costumer to support this local shop, because it’s a good alternative against the normal, all known stores in the city.
I hope that I will get a second possibility to visit Bristol again. And If I do that, I will come back to Flo-Jo’s. :)


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