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Monday, 14 April 2014

Dress No 2 ...in Seville!

My second dress in Seville! I call it my bridge dress. I cut the pattern myself, it's in the style a old favourite of mine which is a bit tatty. I'm happy with it all except the side pockets which I could have managed better.
I love the print and I'm really happy with the detail that I included.
When making a garment it's often the tiny details that stand it aside from a mass produced garment or make it feel like it was bought from a more expensive brand. Think about the little often subtle differences that more expensive clothes have that the super cheep ones don't...and then try and put them into your design.
Or make your garment more individual / something that no-one else will be wearing, it's all in the detail!
I often like to include a contrasting coloured zip, contrasting facings/ linings sometimes they're not  even seen, or are so subtle. A nice touch is a contrasting binding used to add weight to a hem. A little flash might be seen when you sit down.

The middle picture is a little bit of binding on the inside rolled and ironed in place so as to let a little bit show, it looks a little like piping.
The bottom one the binding around the hem, showing the underside.

And now in Seville!

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