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Sunday, 14 December 2014

DIY Honeycomb decoration

Why not add a little creativity to the run up to Christmas by making your own hanging honeycomb paper decorations.

All you need is:

Tissue paper
A4 paper
Glue stick
2 different coloured pens
Needle and thread

Draw a series of lines 3cm apart, alternating the colours.

Usin 6 sheets of tissue paper. Fold it into 8 rectangles and then cut them up so it makes 48 individual small rectangles.
Lay one down on top of your template.

Start by gluing along all of the green lines, then place another sheet of tissue down and glue along the opposite red lines. You must alternate the glue lines between each sheet. Repeat with all your sheets! 

Draw a circle that will fit within your rectangle and cut it in half. Stick one half onto the top of your tissue.

Carefully cut around your semi circle. The straight edge should be cut flush against the edge, but the curve needs to have a bit of an overlap. stick the other semi circle onto the other side of your tissue.

Open out your honeycomb to make sure it's not all stuck together.

Using a needle and thread, poke a whole in each corner and tie a knot that's 2cm away from the paper. This allows the ball to fan out properly without falling apart.

Curve round the honeycomb ball and glue the 2 semi circles together or you could paper clip them, if you wanted to be able to make them flat again for storage.


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