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Monday, 27 June 2016

A Little Bit of Jersey.

One of the best things about the Sewing Bee is that you see people working out of their comfort zone. On the back of this I though it was about time that I started sewing more with stretch fabrics. With a shop full of beautiful print cottons it's easy to get stuck on what you know, but as we expand our stretch section it's time to challenge that.

This vibrant digital print was just the incentive I needed.

As a starting point I decided to copy a cute gypsy top I bought last year which, although I love, has always been a bit too short and shown too much tummy for my liking.

Don't be afraid of copying a pattern of a favourite piece of clothing. Just remember to start simple, get yourself some pattern paper, a tape measure and always add in a seam allowance. It is also a good idea to make a mock up, or toile, in some cheap fabric to check if you have got the pattern right, but of course I didn't do that!

Having made my pattern I started sewing. The side and raglan seams were sewn on the overlocker but could have just as easily been done on a normal sewing machine with a stretch stitch. The key tip when sewing jersey on a normal sewing machine is to change your needle. A stretch or ball point needle will ensure your stitches don't skip. 

Once I had made my casing for the elastic, I then had to do one of my least favourite jobs and thread the elastic through. Why have I never used a bodkin before? It made it so easy, no more wrong size safety pin getting stuck or caught. I can't recommend this tool enough for your sewing kit!

So there you have it....
One made to measure gypsy top, in vibrant tropical print and a new love of sewing with jersey.
Just need a bit of sunshine and summer now!

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