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Friday, 15 April 2016

Sewing Tips - Machine thread bunching!

Bunched up thread on your machine and what to do....?

We get asked all the time for help with this problem at the shop. 
It happens to everyone, not just novice sewers. I think that's a common misconception for beginners...thinking that they're messing up, however it does happen to us all, you just have to know what to do and what to look for and it won't feel like a big problem anymore!
I've heard it called 'bird nesting' and it seems like a good description, it can happen on the underneath and the top of your fabric. 

When your thread is bunching up on the top of your fabric the problem has to do with you bobbin.
Check the following before calling your repair shop....

* Is the bobbin  threaded properly?
Take the bobbin out of the casing and re thread making sure you follow the instructions for your brand of machine. The direction the bobbin winds does depend on the type of casing. top loaders are the opposite to bottom loaders.
Make sure there is some bobbin tension, if when you hold the case and pull the tread the bobbin flies out your thread may have missed the tension spring.

*Is the needle threaded correctly?
Always re thread starting from the very start, by the spool. Make sure it's going through all the tension disks and threaded as your manuel asks. Missing one little hook  DOES make a difference!

* Is the machine clean?
A build up of lint dust in the bobbin or where the need le dipps down can be a problem. It's worth having a little paint brush with your machines bits n bobs for dusting out with. 

* Was the presser foot down?
Doh, we've all done it! 

And lastly...

*Is the bobbin case tension too loose?
There's a little screw in the case which is the tension, normally this should be left alone but they do undo sometimes and need a little tighten. Occasionally they will need replacing.If you do need to tighten it it should be moved in very small turns at a time. Bobbin tensions are set correctly when made so shouldn't have to be turned very often and certainly not as a first call.

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