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Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Camber Set Dress - part 1

I love a good shift dress and have made quite a few.. I tend to start with a pattern then add a few bits along the way to change up the styling or fit. One of the basics that I've started with for some is The Camber Set dress from Merchant & Mills.
They know how to to understated syle, no frills but classic cuts. Known for their plane, natural look, shapes and fabrics.
I've made three different but very similar versions of this dress.
The first time I made it I made my Frida dress. I used an Alexander Henry print called Frida's Garden.
I used the canvas / heavyweight cotton version and then used a mustard 50% linen and 50% viscose fabric to make the sleeves, the back yoke and neck binding with. Plus I used a piece as a border around the bottom to balance the contrast.
My first pattern hack as it's known as, was to add a little exposed zip at the back. This is easy as you don't have to add fabric just fold away the extra and cut a couple of 45 degree angle snips at the base of the zip. I also dropped the neckline a little at the front. I also put in darts at the back to add a little shape. Oh and I added side pockets... every dress needs pockets!
I get comments ( good ones!) every time I wear this dress, I'd like to think it's my tweaking of design but I do believe it's down to the beautiful fabric. Most people when seeing this in the shop think it could only be for home furnishings but be brave and wear your curtains, and I don't think you'll regret it!

 I thought my description of the zip was kinda sketchy so here's a pic and a bit more info...
 Once you've cut your upside down Y shape you fold the fabric back and place the zip behind the space. I used a chunky jeans zip with metal teeth in a light on a blue colour mount. It's only for decoration as I've made the head hole of my dress plenty large enough to get on, but handy for a big up do kinda day!

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