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Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Camber Set - part 3

I won't bore you with another one I promise.. this is the last! I do love this pattern and will make again as it's such a delight to wear and stitch together., but I'll keep it to myself.
This dress is my African dress because of the fabric I used with the denim. I love a denim dress and you can never have enough, there's so much you can do with it, so many shades to choose and so many weights. This was a medium weight dark denim. The fabric I choose for the sleeves and yoke and hem boarder is a Michael Miller print with more than a nod to African design.
Again I used the same method for inserting a jeans zip in the top back and widened the neck line just a little. I used a sleeve pattern from another dress entirely though but making sure the top of the sleeve pattern was cut the same to ensure a good fit. This sleeve is from the Colette Macaron dress. It's a great sleeve, you have to cut two for each arm and sew the hems together first and the line of the hem is curved into an upwards point in the centre outside of the arm. It's very pretty.
I used a denim binding for the front this time thinking it would look too much in the other fabric.
I felt the bottom hem needed a little of it though to balance it out.
I put in pockets along the side seams again. The thing I did differently was a dart running down the front but angled from the bust outwards. I'm not sure why this worked, it just seemed to need something when I tried it on, it wasn't a planed thing.... I liked the angle as it made the dress look a little more interesting when on. I added curved darts at the back too.

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